You can modify shortcuts in setting page. OS maybe already took the shortcut. In this case, please try to set other keys.

Panel actions

Shortcut key Description
Alt-" Add row pane
Alt-% Add column pange
Alt-x Remove current pane
Alt-o Move to next pane
Alt-; Move to previous pane
Alt-} Increase Pane size
Alt-{ Decrese Pane size

Browser actions

Shortcut key Description
Command-[ Back page
Command-] Forward page
Command-r Reload Page
Ctrl-n Scroll down
Ctrl-p Scroll up
Ctrl-i Show Hit-a-hint
Ctrl-+ Zoom in
Ctrl-- Zoom out (Ctrl with dash/minus)
Alt-i Focus on search
Alt-t Toggle wazari inputs(e.g. hit-a-hint)
Alt-Tab Move to next tab
Alt+Shift-Tab Move to previous tab
Command-t Open homepage with a new tab
Command-w Remove current tab

Text actions

Shortcut key Description
Command-c Copy on input focus
Command-v Paste on input focus
Ctrl-a Home(Move cursor to the start)
Ctrl-e End(Move cursor to the end )
Ctrl-h Delete one char before the cursor
Ctrl-d Delete one char after the cursor
Ctrl-b Move cursor back one char
Ctrl-k Delete entire text in focused input
Ctl-f Move cursor forward one char