Wazari Browser


An iOS/iPadOS app to handle browser with only external keyboard. This project is a part of Wazaterm which is a cloud terminal to run anywhere on any devices.

Wazari Browser is an open source and also you can download iOS app from here.


  • Customizable shortcuts to operate browser. e.g. Change tabs without touching screen.
  • Panes to split views vertiacally or horizontally.
  • Hit-A-Hint - without touching, click links to move pages.
  • Customizable modifiers. e.g. swap capslock with ctrl key!!
  • Customizable default search engine - DuckDuckGo or Google
  • Histories to go back easily
  • Integrated to Wazaterm so you can terminal

How to use

The idea comes from Chrome extension, Vimium or Safari extension sVim. They are using Vi/Vim key bind to operate browser but Wazari don't use Vi key bind but can be customized shortcut keys. Modifiers(Command/Meta, Option/Alt, CapsLock) can also customized in side of the app. S You can also divide the window to panes which makes you to use split view.


Please go to here to raise bugs/issues in Github.