Wazari Browser


An iOS/iPadOS app to handle browser with only external keyboard. This project is a part of Wazaterm which is a cloud terminal to run anywhere on any devices.

Wazari Browser is an open source and also you can download iOS app from here.


  • Customizable shortcuts to operate browser. e.g. Change tabs without touching screen.
  • Panes to split views vertiacally or horizontally.
  • Hit-A-Hint - without touching, click links to move pages.
  • Customizable modifiers. e.g. swap capslock with ctrl key.
  • Customizable default search engine - DuckDuckGo or Google
  • Exclude web sites not to use keymapping. Some dynamic web site doesn't use Input type=text or textarea, which Wazari keymapping doesn't work. But you can exclude these website so you can still type on it.
  • Histories to go back easily
  • Integrated to Wazaterm so you can terminal

How to use

The idea comes from Chrome extension, Vimium or Safari extension sVim. They are using Vi/Vim key bind to operate browser but Wazari don't use Vi key bind but can be customized shortcut keys. Modifiers(Command/Meta, Option/Alt, CapsLock) can also customized in side of the app. Sometimes Wazari keybind doesn't work, in these cases, you can exclude the page. You can also divide the window to panes which makes you to use split view.


Please go to here to raise bugs/issues in Github.