Payment happens on both instance fees and storage fees, optionally backup fees if you use backup function.

$1.81 USD / month

Example 1 (Minimal Plan)

Memory:1G, CPU:2 Cores, Storage:10G, 160 hours (8 hours* 20 days), Ohio region.

$7.3 USD / month

Example 2 (Development for a medium size of project)

Memory:4G, CPU:2 core, Storage:30G, 160 hours (8 hours* 20 days), Tokyo region.

Estimate your usage!

Select instance spec and storage to calculate the fees

Note1: This is estimation. The price can be changed over time.
Note2: 1 month = 20 days = 160 hours for instance fees.
Note3: Storage requires OS and swap space which size is the memory size.