I would like to ssh to the instance of the terminal

Sure, you can ssh to the terminal while the terminal is up and running. Storage has a username and every time terminal is up, the domain name is to be associated with the terminal, which is <storage name>.wazaterm.com. Add your ssh public key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file, then you should be able to access it.

# Open authorized_keys and add your public key
$ vi ~/.ssh/authorize_keys

So, if you have ssh then what? Yes, you can use scp/sftp/sshfs :)

Because domain `abc.wazaterm.com` is to be changed every time the terminal runs. Host strict check is failing. If you don't want to modify known_hosts every time, use the below.

$ ssh -o "StrictHostKeyChecking=no" test@abc.wazaterm.com