I can't use control key(Ctrl-t, Ctrl-n) on browser! How can I use the control keys?

Ctrl+n or Ctrl-t are the browser's default shortcuts. So, when you type them in terminal, you wouldn't see the expected behavior. I think there is no issue on Mac as the command key is separate from the control key. But you may have the issue with other OS. We provides 3 ways to resolve this.

1. (Recommended) Install with PWA

This is the easiest. Please follow the below link.

Install Wazaterm as an application

2. Chrome extension

1-1. Install Wazaterm - disable default shortcuts extension

1-2 Go to chrome://extensions/shortcuts and add shortcuts(Ctrl+N and Ctrl+T) like below.

3. Use binary (Electron app) [MacOS/Windows/Linux]

You can download binaries from the following list depending on your environment. One drawback of Electron App is just huge..