I can't use control key on browser! How can I use control key?

I think there is no issue on Mac as command key is separate from control key. But you may have issue on other OS. What I resolve this is to open Wazaterm as Chrome application. Because Chrome webstore was shutdown a few years ago, I provide the app from https://github.com/shohey1226/wazaterm-chromeapp . You can read source code but what you need to do is 2 steps.

(Requirement: Chrome browser)

1. Download wazaterm.crx at https://github.com/shohey1226/wazaterm-chromeapp/blob/master/dist/wazaterm.crx

2. Open chrome://extensions/ and drag&drop wazaterm.crx to the window

After this, you should be able to access from chrome://apps

Ref: Starting Google Chrome in application mode

For ChromeOS, you can also use Chrome App Builder (or I should provide through Chrome webstore..)