How to run Wazaterm as an independent app with PWA

Wazaterm is now compatible with PWA(Progressive Web App) which means that you can run as an independent app so that you can use "ctrl-t" or switch app with app switcher(cmd+tab)*.

*It's tested in macOS and ChromeOS. If you see an issue with this. Please report it to our support.


1. Open Chrome

2. Go to

3. Click the "+" button in the address bar

4. Click Install


1. Open Safari

2. Tap the share button on the top right

3. Tap Add to Home Screen

4. Tap Wazaterm Icon on the home screen to start.


It's the same step as 1 and 2 above.

3. Click open external icon.

4. Select Wazaterm

5. (Optional) Pin Wazaterm to the dashboard menu.

Now you can use Application switcher (e.g. cmd+tab) to select Wazaterm.

Have fun!