Getting Started

Welcome to Wazaterm! Wazaterm enables you to access your terminal(Ubuntu Linux) anywhere with your browser. The below is the steps.

  1. Sign up & Purchase credit
  2. Create storage
  3. Run terminal
  4. Run tmux in the terminal

1. Sign up & Purchase credit

Click Sign up and create an account.

Go to Billings to purchase credit. The credit is to be used by terminal instance and storage cost.

2. Create storage

To create a terminal, you need to have storage to install Linux(Ubuntu) and your files. A couple of things that need to be highlighted here.

  • Name is to be hostname so you can access
  • The minimal size is 3G (It's SSD!)
  • Select Region that you are closed to.
  • Username is the user name of the terminal instance.

3. Run terminal

Go to Terminals in the top navigation bar and click RUN.

Then, you would see the below. Select the number of CPU core, memory(GB) , and processor to decide which instance you use for terminal. After select, click the "RUN TERMINAL" button. You can check how much it costs in "Instance Fee" section.

4. Run tmux

Because you remotely access to the terminal, the session may be interrupted due to network or browser's behavior, we strongly recommended to use tmux (or screen) to keep the session so that you can come back if it's the case.

$ tmux

Once interrupted, then run `tmux attach` to recover the session.

$ tmux attach

To learn more about tmux, check the below.