Automate start terminal and halt terminal with IFTTT

It takes 3-5 minutes to start terminal. To wait for this is painful. To avoid this, Wazaterm has webhook to launch and halt terminal. This works well with IFTTT to automate the process. The idea is to create some trigger (like, location or calendar) to send HTTP request to webhook on Wazaterm. I confirmed IFTTT works on location, datetime and Google Calendar trigger but I ended up using Google Calendar trigger. (Location trigger doesn't work for me because office to home is too close to detect enter area. DateTime doesn't support day of week so I couldn't stop this automation during weekend)

1. Create an Google calendar for this automation purpose.


I named this as "my working hours" and set recursive events for your working hours, which terminal is started when event starts and halt after event is end. IFTTT trigger only has "Any event start" and "Any event end" therefore, a new calendar is needed.

2. Create own applet in IFTTT


Create an account on IFTTT if it's not yet. Login and click 1) Explore on the right top and 2) click + button to make the applet.

3. Create Google Calendar trigger


Find Google Calendar trigger and select "Any Event starts" for launching terminal. "Any Event Ends" for halting terminal. Associate IFTTT with your google calendar and select the calendar that you make in step 1.

4. Setup Webhook action


Search webhook and choose webhook. Then setup the webhook.


You can find curl command output in Query to launch/terminate terminal section when you click "RUN" on top page. Copy the -d seciton. {"action_type" ...}

The final setup will be like this. It should run based on the calendar event that you created :)