Use SSH to access Wazaterm instance

Wazaterm's Terminal is a Linux (Ubuntu) instance, which has an IP address and Hostname just like a VPS. There is an IP address and a Hostname, and you can SSH into the SSH server process running by default. The IP address is variable and can be changed by Suspend, Terminate and Resume/Start of the Wazaterm Terminal. However, the Hostname is the same. You can access with the Hostname + ( specified at startup.

This is also true when accessing the Wazatem instance from a browser, but the address of the instance depends on DNS. If possible, please change your DNS pointing to provided by Google. This should solve the problem of not being able to resolve names.

Also, Wazaterm gets SSH public key at the time of Github authentication. If you specify this key at startup, the public key will be stored in .ssh/authorized_keys, so you can login without password authentication if you have a secret key on your device.

Go to Setting page to sync the keys with Github.

The synced keys can be used when the terminal starts.

If you want to add SSH key manually, add lines in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file.

# Open authorized_keys and add your public key
$ vi ~/.ssh/authorize_keys

After setting up ssh the key public keys, you can access the terminal with <username>.<hostname>

$ ssh