Startup script $HOME/.wazarc

When Wazaterm is started from the terminated state, it executes .wazarc in the home directory. If you want to process after intance startup, please describe here. I will share my .wazarc.

# execute tmux
[ -z "$TMUX" ] && \. "$HOME/"

# run redis
cd /tmp && redis-server &

When there is no tmux process, I run a script that starts each pane of tmux by default, and starts the Redis server in the background.

The feeling is that it's like starting up an application automatically when you reboot your PC.

Although Wazaterm mainly uses suspend/resume and doesn't have many chances to terminate, there are cases where suspend fails if a lot of swap memory is used. It may be troublesome to recreate the tmux pane, so please use .wazarc.