Emacs, or Vim, that's the question (Editor in Wazaterm)

If you want to develop in a terminal, you'll have to use Emacs or Vim. Both are great tools and if you start to use it, you would stick to it. I used Emacs to write C in college, IDE (Eclipse) to write Java in graduate school, Vim to write Perl when I was working in the financial industry, Sublime and VSCode when I came to the startup industry, and now I am using Neovim. I use Emacs for shell key bindings. The advantage of running in Terminal is its portability, and the fact that you can code with SSH means you can code from any OS. If you are more of an infrastructure person, you may want to choose vim because you need to learn how to use vi, which comes standard with Linux, and emacs is similar to mac text key bindings, so it may be easier. Both of them have a wide range of plug-ins, so you can choose the one you like best.

There is a lot of how-to information on YouTube, so I hope you will refer to it and do a deep dive into the tool.

How to install and use emacs

-nox means "No X"(X is for X server: GUI software)

$ sudo apt install emacs-nox
$ emacs filename # ctrl-x ctrl-c to exit

How to install and use vim

$ sudo apt-get install vim
$ vim afile

How to install and use Neovim

$ sudo apt install neovim
$ nvim afile # end with :q