Available ports for Wazaterm

If you have SSH, you can do Local Port Forwarding, so you can use localhost for web development. Wazaterm opens port 3000 and 5000 (except SSH’s port 22) because SSH may not exist local device. You may be able to use nogrok, but you may want to test it quickly instead of using a secure connection.

If you set up a server on port 3000 (the default development port for Rails is 3000), you can access your browser as http://.wazaterm.com:3000. Note that this is not a secure connection as it is not tunneled via SSH (raw data is relayed over the Internet)

$ rails server -p 3000

Also note that even if you are using Local Port Forwarding, 3000 is still open to the outside world. If you want to develop securely, use a port other than 3000 or 8000.

$ rails s -p 5000
$ autossh -M 50100 -NT -o "ServerAliveInterval 60" -o TCPKeepAlive=yes -o "ServerAliveCountMax 120" -L 5000:localhost:5000 username@hostname.wazaterm.com