Wazaterm is a Linux terminal that hackers can use from anywhere using a browser

Wazaterm, a browser-based terminal, gives you full access to the Linux terminal, which enables you to code, run and debug from any operating system and device.

Why not VPS + SSH? Only browser?

It's for accessibility. Most of the devices have browser applications. You don't need to set up VPS and install an SSH client on each device. If you use Chrome, PWA enables you to run Wazaterm as an application. Don't worry. You can also ssh to a terminal instance as you do with VPS+SSH.

Get Started

A ubiquitous Linux terminal

Wazaterm provides a single Linux(Ubuntu) container existing in a cloud. No need to set up VM in each OS/device locally. You can work with Windows at the office, use Mac at home and use iPad on vacation.

Flexible spec choices

Depending on your project, you can run the container on different machines selecting the number of CPU and memory. You can choose 2 to 32 CPU cores and 1G to 64G memory.

SSH is available!

SSH is fully available. Therefore you can use ssh to log in to the terminal instance. Having ssh, you can scp the files, local port forwarding, or mount through sshfs, enabling you to develop as if it's local.

Root privilege with sudo

Wazaterm runs on a Linux container(Ubuntu) which you have root privilege. You can do apt or snap to install software packages freely.

Beautifule 250+ themes

If you want to change the terminal colors, you can do it by selecting themes with just one click and the config sets per OS and User-Agent base. When you have a new OS/Device, you don't have to set it up from scratch!

Use terminal only when needed

When you don't use a terminal, the terminal instance will suspend. When you start the work, it's resumed, which would take 10~20 seconds, but you can use webhooks to automate the actions. You could save instance fee and save energy for our earth.

Protect your important data

Wazaterm is a Linux container. You can easily back it up daily or weekly. You can recover the whole data from the backup.

Run as an application

Wazaterm is PWA(Progressive Web Apps), which you can use the app switcher (e.g. command-tab) to change the apps, like the other terminal apps.