Cloud Terminal app to develop on any platform/devices with browser

Wazaterm is a browser-based terminal app that can run on Linux, Windows, Android, Mac, iOS/iPad and ChromeOS

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Single Unix environment for software development

Wazaterm provides a Linux environment(Ubuntu) which you can access as long as you have a browser.

Nowadays there are a lot of devices/OS and therefore you need to set up your terminal multiple times. Using Wazaterm, you don't need to do it anymore and what's more, you don't need to lock in one single environment.

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SPEC choices

You can select CPU & memory of terminal instances to meet your needs.

SSH is available

You can access the terminal instance via ssh.


You can take backups so you don't lose your data.


You can automate the start/stop of a terminal instance with Webhook endpoint.

Customize colors

You can customize terminal colors.


Provide not only browser access but also app-based access (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and ChromeOS).